About the brewery

About the brewery

This San Francisco brewery, named after the constitutional amendment that repealed Prohibition, is all-American and all about the freedom to brew beer. Two friends who met in a brewing science class started 21st Amendment in 2000.

All of 21st Amendment’s beers are sold in cans, which are increasingly not just for throwback favorites like High Life and PBR. Cans keep beer fresh longer, and they’re easier to recycle than glass bottles. Plus, 21st Amendment’s can designs are super cool, incorporating American landmarks and history. The Statue of Liberty perches on the Brooklyn Bridge on the Hell or High Watermelon can.

About the beer

Few things sound more refreshing on a hot day than cold beer and watermelon. Who knew these two things could meet — and with great success?

Hell or High Watermelon is brewed with watermelon puree, but the beer hardly tastes like an effervescent Boone’s Farm selection. Instead, think of that fresh, almost green flavor you get near the rind of a watermelon, where the essence of flavor exists without the sugar sweetness. That’s what you’ll find in a swig of Hell or High Watermelon, blended seamlessly with the grain-sweet flavor of a traditional wheat beer. The brewery says the beer is “kissed” with watermelon, and that’s a good assessment.

Take a big whiff before you sip and be transported to summer comfort. Also, Hell or High Watermelon is pretty low in ABV, so you can be transported can after can after can.

Photo by Tim Johnson