Give your crown a pretty dose of flower power. Here's how.

Give your crown a pretty dose of flower power. Here's how.


- An assortment of silk flowers; smaller sized buds with stems work best as filler, and flowers with a flatter bottom, like the yellow ranunculus in the photo above, work best as the main attraction

- Green felt

- One package of sticks of thin green wire (typically you can find these near the silk flowers at craft-supply stores)

- One package of sticks of thick, covered brown wire

- Scissors

- Hot glue gun


1) Twist two pieces of the brown wire around each other and set aside. Repeat with two more pieces of brown wire. Shape the two wire twists into half circles. Connect the two half circles by wrapping the ends around one another. The amount that the half circles overlap one another will depend on the size of your noggin. Leave a little breathing room for the flowers.

2) Cut the flowers' stems. You will be hot gluing the bigger flowers, so the closer you can cut to the flower head, the better. Leave some of the stem on the smaller flowers.

3) Cut small felt squares, one for the back of each of the bigger flowers. Hot glue the felt and apply it to the inside of the crown and then the back of the flower, so the wire sits between the flower and the felt.

4) Starting from the back, apply the smaller flowers as desired. Connect them to the crown by wrapping two- or three-inch pieces of green wire around the flowers' stems.

5) Let everything dry. Wear it. Be lovely.