Anessa Woods

Anessa Woods

Age: 32

Hometown: Delaware

Neighborhood: Grandview

Job: Owner, photographer and stylist of Bustown Modern, an online store that sells vintage designer clothing


Describe your style: All of it

Pants: These are vintage Chanel trousers. I love vintage because I love history. Ive always been into art. My parents used to restore Victorian homes. I dont think you can ever understand your future without understanding your past.

Shirt: This was just a muscle tee that I cut. Just cut it to the length you want and allow an extra inch for the bottom to roll up. Im always doing that with T-shirts cut it, tie it or add more s--- to it.

Shoes: I own about six pairs of Chuck Taylors.

Stars bracelet: An engraving inside reads, You are lovely in the moonlight. This is a gift from my husband [Paul Fogt, who helps her run Bustown Modern]. I am so enamored with my husband I cant see straight.

Scrimshaw and sterling silver ship bracelet: I got this a couple years ago at a flea market in Sunbury. I think its what started me on wearing all this sterling silver. Part of what I love about this job is being able to travel. This kind of signifies exploration. Its dreamy. I love that about it, too.

Necklace: From a vintage dealer in Columbus. Im a sucker for anything with animals on it.

Wing ring: This is a poison ring. The hinged chamber in the center of the ring opens and, as folklore goes, people used to put poison in it to sneakily slay their enemies.

Watch ring: We will have a lot of this style of bracelet up for sale on the website. Ive been buying a lot of watches. Sometimes Ill wear a bunch up my arm.

Native American print purse: I bought this to sell, but I ruined it. Theres nothing worse than ruining something I want to sell! Im still stoked its now mine, but I get sad sometimes when I look at it.

Photos by Tessa Berg