Anne Taintor flask, $19.95

Anne Taintor flask, $19.95

Buy it: Sobo Style

3282 N. High St., Clintonville


It's hard finding flasks that are feminine and yet not froufy. These Anne Taintor flasks will do nicely. Four ounces to freedom, ladies!

Pill boxes, $6

Buy it: Cottage Street

3284 N. High St., Clintonville


Pillboxes can be used for any number of illicit activities, but we prefer candy. Not "candy." Just plain ol' candy. Plus, they're just so darn cute.

Mill City Makery clutch, $18

Buy it: Wholly Craft

3169 N. High St., Clintonville


Shelling out for a new purse for the lady in your life (friend, mom, wife) can be expensive. Clutches, on the other hand, are not only inexpensive they're often brimming with personality, like this glasses-wearing-deer. Oh you hipsters and your woodlands creatures.

Cast-iron hand bottle opener, $9

Buy it: Elm & Iron Home Goods

3475 N. High St., Clintonville


Bottle openers are a dime a dozen, but quality, long-lasting bottle openers that are conversation starters are much more difficult to procure. Not anymore, thanks to this cast-iron number from Elm & Iron. Not pictured, but also for sale: fork, spoon and mermaid cast-iron bottle openers.

Highland Graphics dog coasters, $4.95 for one/$3.95 for two or more

Buy it: Captivating Canines

31 N. State St., Westerville


Artist Robert J. Mays' realistic depictions of dogs big and small come emblazoned on stone for your coffee table's protection. Bonus: Works as genuine or ironic depending on the recipient.

The Sawdust Woodshop toys and furnishings, $5 and up

Buy it: Ohio Art Market

30 N. State St., Westerville


These hand-carved wood products are made in Westerville and tested by a real-life baby. Kid/parent combo: Pair a train, plane or automobile with a $5 bottle opener.

Lulu & Max soaps, $7.50

Buy it: Celebrate Local

4030 The Strand East, Easton


Made from goat's milk in varieties including "brown sugar" and "chocolate bar," these soaps make the threat of getting your mouth washed out sound downright delightful.

vinOair wine aerator, $19.99

Buy it: The Wine Guy Wine Shop, Wine Bar & Bistro

500 Creekside Green Dr., Gahanna


The Wine Guy's staff uses this very aerator in-house. So do their customers; it's been flying off the shelves.

Change purse, $20

Buy it: Peabody Papers

1261 Grandview Ave., Grandview


Peabody Papers also carries zippered makeup bags in these elephant and sugar skull designs. You might as well pick up one of the stationary store's clever holiday greeting cards while you're in there.

Slut Sauce, $10

Buy it: Mikey's Late Night Slice

1030 N. High St., Short North


The beloved pizza place sells its most infamous condiment by the bottle, a great gift for any locavore in your life.

Re-purposed vinyl album notebook, $18

Buy it: LP Designs

642 N. High St., Ste. B, Short North


Seek and… seek and destroy... that to-do list.

Freddie Mercury book, $4

Buy it: Bink Davies

668 N. High St., Short North


Who doesn't love the mustachioed Killer Queen? Fun illustrations in this little book re-tell why Mercury is a legend.

Macaron gift box, $15

Buy it: Pistachia Vera

541 S. Third St., German Village


Any treat from Pistachia Vera is perfection wrapped in cellophane. The dozen-macaron gift box rocks for two reasons: It includes one of each of their flavors, making it completely crowd-pleasing, and it's wrapped up with a bow and easy to give. Unless you can't help but sneak some first...

German Village tee, $20

Buy it: German Village Visitor Center

588 S. Third St., German Village


The neighborhood's infamous bricks take a new form as the focus of this soft, fitted T-shirt. Available in a full range of sizes and ready to be loved by the German Village lover in your life.

Edmond Fallot gourmet mustards, $7 each

Buy it: Katzinger's Delicatessen

475 S. Third St., German Village


Mustard from a deli must be pretty good mustard, right? These delicious-looking spreads come in flavors like tarragon dijon and blaccurrrant dijon, and a pair would make a perfectly pretty gift. Scope out this bastion of sandwiches for all sorts of artisan ingredients foodies will freak out over.

Moleskine notebooks, $13

Buy it: The Book Loft

631 S. Third St., German Village


Take this from a writer: Moleskine are the best notebooks out there. But you don't have to be a writer to appreciate that - with their bright, durable covers and handy sizes (find them as small as your palm and as big as a regular notebook), they'll be appreciated by just about any recipient.

Owl salt and pepper shakers, $12

Buy it: Touched

180 W. Olentangy St., Powell


It's official. Owls have replaced wolves as the hip animal of the moment. These funky-colored little guys will be a welcomed addition for that person with all the best kitchen accoutrements.

Pick Up Sticks photo charms, $15

Buy it: No. 693 Antiques Home & Garden

693 High St., Worthington


The Pick Up Sticks Jewelry Company specializes in these hand-made, reversible charms that feature a number of options- charming trinkets, whimsical phrases, zodiac signs and even romantic ones - perfect for someone on your list.

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, $15.99

Buy it: Worthington Hardware

661 High St., Worthington


A full-size tree probably won't fit in your friend's "cozy" efficiency. And setting up and decorating it can be a pain in the ass, anyway. So why not get them the most adored - and perfectly pint-sized - tree in the history of Christmas.

Christmas tree ornaments, $8-$12

Buy it: Urban Outfitters

1782 N. High St., Campus


If you have someone who loves setting up the big tree, get them some memorably cool ornaments to hang. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles anything is always awesome, and the meat lover in your life would love to have some bacon on the tree.