Ohio-made Syrups by Simple Products, $7.75

Ohio-made Syrups by Simple Products, $7.75

Buy it: Celebrate Local

430 The Strand East, Easton



You can find this gem at your local farmer's market during the season, and at Celebrate Local at Easton Town Center when it's too cold for outdoor markets. Your foodie friends can use this in Italian sodas, for dessert cooking or for a special pancake topper.

Fleur de Sel, $14.95

Buy it: Williams Sonoma

1500 Polaris Parkway, Polaris


4009 Easton Town Center, Easton



Hand harvested from the shores of the French Atlantic, this is the caviar of salts. Foodies who cook or eat (so pretty much all foodies) will be happy with this gift of fine, light salt crystals full of the rarest minerals on earth.

Silpat Mat, $24.95

Buy it: Bed, Bath & Beyond

1717 W. Lane Ave.


3708 West Dublin Granville Rd.


3750 Easton Market



If your foodie likes to bake or cook, then this is a sure-fire winner. Silpats are great for just about anything that gets cooked in the oven. It's also great for candy making and other fun food projects. Maybe the recipient can even make you some tasty treats on it!

Mustache Bag Clips, $9.95

Buy it: What the Rock!?

1194 N. High St., Short North


We all have bags in the kitchen that need closing, and this is a very stylish way to do that. Mustache and food fans alike will enjoy this hilarious, yet functional gift.

Foodie Flashcards, $10.20

Buy it: Amazon.com

Maybe your friend is new to being a foodie, and you want to help them expand their vocabulary. This is a great way to learn about new foodie things while having a bit of a laugh.