Stylish ties and bowties, $38

Stylish ties and bowties, $38

Buy it: Pursuit

1572 N. High St., Campus


Ties aren't the lame gift for dad anymore; accessorizing makes all the difference. Pursuit has a ton of uber-stylish ties to go with tie clips ($24), pocket squares ($10) and collar straighteners (Wurkin Stiff magnetic power stays, $20) to have your man looking good for the holidays.

Sweatshirts at Kingsrowe Gallery, $65-$90

Buy it: Kingsrowe Gallery

1104 N. High St., Short North


Sweatshirts and hoodies are always welcome gifts this time of year. Kingsrowe Gallery serves up some of the freshest in the city. Complete the look with their trademark hats ($28-$38) and T-shirts ($35).

Brixton Cass Jacket, $77

Buy it: Milk Bar

765 N. High St., Short North


Brixton has some of the best looking apparel on the market right now, and any guy will be happy to rock one of their jackets. The Cass Jacket is lightweight, but also hefty enough to keep out the elements.

"I am the one who knocks" T-shirt, $27.99

Buy it: Skreened

2887 Silver Dr., Clintonville


Is your man a Heisenberg-level badass? Or maybe he just thinks he is. Whatever the case, this "Breaking Bad"-inspired shirt from Skreened will be worn proudly.