Central Ohio Trail Runners T-shirt, $15

Central Ohio Trail Runners T-shirt, $15

But It: Available at select COTR events

You can't find these online or in a brick-and-mortar store, but that only contributes to the shirt's radness. In other words, you have to earn this technical shirt by showing up to a trail running event put on by the Central Ohio Trail Runners and getting a little, well, dirty.

Cool Point, $19.99

Buy It: Fleet Feet, 1270 East Powell Road, Powell



Beating the heat might be the last thing on any runner's mind right now, but that doesn't diminish the cool factor of this newly re-branded product. Featuring improved gel, 50 percent longer cooling times and a lighter strap, Cool Point could easily become a staple of your summer runs.

SPIbelt, $19.99

Buy It: Fleet Feet, 1270 East Powell Rd., Powell



I bought one of these belts prior to the Akron Marathon this year and it hasn't left my waist during a run since. Whether used to stash a spare key, my iPhone, a few bucks or energy gels, the SPIbelt has become a truly can't-leave-behind product mostly because I never know it's even there.

Good Greens energy bars, $29.88 for one box (12 bars)

Buy It: Raisin Rack, 2545 Schrock Rd. Westerville



My go-to energy bar, Good Greens bars are often vegan, gluten free and provide all of your daily fruits and veggies. Oh, and they're made in Shaker Heights, Ohio, too. I love these bars for not only the nutritional benefits, but also because they have the right amount of give when you bite down - not too hard or soft - and they taste amazing.

Bib bag, $85

Buy It: By The RunningBagLady on Etsy


The time and energy spent preparing for a race makes it hard to throw out race bibs. But what else do you do with them, save stuffing the bibs into a drawer or plastering them onto your fridge? Enter: the bib bag. About 20 race bibs are needed to make one bag. Smaller, book size totes are also available, and they take about 12-14 race bibs. Even more incentive to get out there and race.