Jay Weitz on the best of the stage in Columbus.

Crystal Pite, "The You Show"

Kidd Pivot Frankfurt RM

March 2012

Three intense, often haunting duets followed by an expansion of a duet wherein the actions of the two principal dancers echo through surrounding entourages. The ensembles transformed the reach and power of the two individuals into something joyous and defiant.

Peter Weiss, "Marat/Sade"

Ohio State University Theatre

May 2012

Directed by Mark Mann, this riot of carefully controlled chaos unfolded on a beautifully decrepit set by Trenton Bean. Cornelius Hubbard, Jr.'s Herald, haughty and magisterial, ran off with the play, narrating Weiss' bitter ironies in rhyming couplets soaked in saddened wisdom.

Bebe Miller, "Our Town"

Ohio State University Dance

May 2012

In her half of the OSU Dance program "Dance Uptown: Dirt," Columbus' choreographic treasure Bebe Miller redefined how we regard dancers in relation to the surface on which they perform. The sand floor of the Plumb Hall Agricultural Arena became putty in her hands and the dancers' feet.

Samuel Beckett, "Waiting for Godot"

Shepherd Productions

September 2012

Precision both in acting and comic timing marked Jeff Potts' Vladimir and Jim Azelvandre's Estragon as they and director Andy Batt brought Beckett's classic to vivid life. This production honored both ends of the tragicomic spectrum.

Alex Timberg and Michael Friedman, "Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson"

Available Light Theatre

October 2012

This unlikely musical left us looking at the $20 bill through entirely new eyes, revealing a seventh president personifying equal parts rock star and tyrant. Director Matt Slaybaugh kept his sprawling cast in check, from Nick Lingnofski's charismatic Jackson to Ian Short's stalwart Black Fox.