Back in the '90s, veteran West Coast rapper Ras Kass rose from the same cauldron of cult-favorite roughneck lyricists that bubbled up Canibus, Xzibit and Kurupt. "Pimp My Ride" aside, none of those guys ever got much burn from a wide audience, but they're catnip to the kind of hip-hop head who prizes grimy, battle-ready bars above all.

Much of Ras’ new Barmaggedon could have been airlifted direct from 1998, but he messes with the present too, somewhat clumsily, with tracks called “Upscale Ratchet” and “MollyWorld.” He’s in the zone throughout, though, with guest spots from stars new (Kendrick Lamar), old (Talib Kweli, Guilty Simpson) and really old (Too Short, Mr. “SVU” himself, Ice-T) to bolster the appeal.

Those guys won’t be there for Ras’ show Friday at Skully’s, but these guys will: Triggy Trone, Natty Boi, Demari Faust, Da Entre, Hafrican, Luxury League, Pilot of Cash Kounty and Wallabe.