What we're loving this week.


Chris Ware's "Building Stories"

Easily the coolest comic book collection I've ever seen.


Doomtree Blowout

I just got back from Minneapolis indie hip-hop collective Doomtree's ninth-annual bash. Not much makes a December drive to Minnesota totally worth it, but seeing P.O.S., Dessa and the rest of the Doomtree crew for three straight nights in an amazing venue (First Avenue, where Prince filmed much of "Purple Rain") was worth the drive and the cold. If they tour on their upcoming album, don't sleep.


Ohio weather

I never know what's in store when I wake up.

Lauren K.:

Christmas shopping

Hunting for weird or quirky gifts with my mom.


The "Homeland" season three finale

Yes, the season was rocky at best, and there's no way Carrie should have a job with the CIA these days, but the finale was devastatingly well done.


Dan Harmon

The man who makes "Community" great is back Jan. 2.


Slot machines

The great social leveler. Everybody is equal at a slot machine.


Remote start on my car

Worth. Every. Penny.