D. Foy’s “Made to Break”

The cabin-in-the-woods tale from Clintonville small press publishers Two Dollar Radio (out March 18) is flooded with horror’s sense of creeping dread, but the monsters reside mostly inside the characters.


“Veronica Mars”

If you need me this weekend, I'll be in a movie theater solving crimes with my favorite detective ever, marshmallows.


Yogi Tea tags

The best and worst life advice on tiny pieces of paper.

Lauren K.:

3.14 yum!

Friday is Pi Day, so bake a pie and celebrate the mathematical constant! Or just eat some pie!


Veritas Tavern

A coworker recommended I order “as many kinds of meats as [I] can,” which was solid advice.


“Guardians of the Galaxy” trailer

I’m not familiar with the comic, but this trailer is great — crazy action and special effects for sure, but also a wicked sense of humor from a fantastic cast.  


Fashion Faux Pas

That’ll take you down a notch.


Melissa Bontempo-Wiseman

Comfest won't be the same without you. I send you all the