Describe your style: "Retro, curvaceous, glamorous."

Describe your style: "Retro, curvaceous, glamorous."

Style icons: Jayne Mansfield, Anita Ekberg, Joan Holloway

Photo shoot song of choice: "The Sky," by Mat Zo

Shoes: A gift from a fan. "Fans of my modeling buy me items from my Amazon wish list. … I got into the pinup style because I have always been curvier and I had trouble fitting into jeans and T-shirts. I knew there had to be something out there that was better for my body. I just try to find clothing that doesn't squish my boobs or butt in weird ways. Pinup is about creating an illusion with your figure."

Stockings: By Leg Avenue.

Skirt: From a thrift store. "I love the Volunteers of America in Clintonville. A lot of rich people donate clothing there. The Salvation Army on South High in German Village is good for vintage."

Top: A plus-size body shaper leotard.

Belt and purse: From a thrift store.

Bolero: From a thrift store. "This came with a dress. Anything I buy has to be practical and beautiful."

Flower: "This is from a Korean beauty shop on Morse Road. I also go to Infinity 99 Cent Store on Cleveland Avenue. They're way cheaper than going to Sally [Beauty Supply]."

Lipstick: Cherry Desirable by Revlon.

Umbrella: From the Asian Festival. "I like to have stuff no one else has. A lot of people get overwhelmed when trying to dress in the pinup style. I suggest starting small, like with a flower or scarf headwrap. Those are the gateways."