Golak: Rory McIlroy took down The Open Championship putting him one major away from the Career Slam. With a dwindling, perhaps never to return Tiger Woods, is McIlroy the new face of golf?

Sumukh: I think so. But, more importantly, McIlroy’s win and his breakup from Caroline Wozniacki only confirms the trend that Tiger started. If you’re talented and have the freedom to play the field in your personal life, you beat the field in every golf major you’re in.


Sumukh: Agnes McKee, a 105-year-old woman, threw out the first pitch at a San Diego Padres game. There have been a lot of meaningful or hilarious first pitches over the years. Which is the most memorable to you?

Golak: It has to be Carl Lewis. Seeing arguably the greatest athlete of the 20th century throw an overhanded dribble-roll to home plate was quite a hilarious sight.


Golak: The Cavs are nearing a contract with draft pick Andrew Wiggins. While that doesn't rule out the much talked about trade of Wiggins for Kevin Love, it does put a speed bump in the plan. Would you trade the possible future for the more secure present?

Sumukh: I wouldn’t, but then again I’m not LeBron James, the current general manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers.


Sumukh: Texas A&M bought a $60,000 insurance policy for offensive lineman Cedric Ogbuehi using the university’s Student Assistance Fund so he would stay for his senior season. This is apparently well within NCAA rules. So, since the NCAA doesn’t want to pay players directly, how about paying players via insurance policies?

Golak: This is quite frightening. When Cam Newton's dad pimped him out to every school below the Mason-Dixon line a few years ago, that was troubling enough. But if he had to set him on fire in the early morning hours to collect his dough, it would have been a much sadder situation.