As founder of L-Yoga Flow, Kristine believes in bringing love and life to everyone around her. Spawned from a bad break-up four years ago, L-Yoga Flow allowed Kristine to bring the "key to living your best life" to the people of Columbus. To her, yoga is not just a form of exercise; it is a way of life. Here are a few things Natalie loves: Northstar Cafť


I grew up as a dancer doing ballet, tap and jazz. When I moved to Columbus, I took classes at BalletMet, and salsa lessons at Spain Restaurant when that was still around. Dancing is definitely a part of my soul; it tunes me into the same creative flowing force that yoga tunes me into. I like good old club dancing the best, though. I have a theory that every girl likes to shake her butt. I still do!


I have recently fallen in love with soccer. It has nothing to do with the World Cup, even though it was amazing to watch. I actually taught yoga to some Columbus Crew players last year, and had them to my studio as a team. I take watching the games very seriously. I tell people, ďDonít talk to me! I am watching and donít want to miss something!Ē

ZenCha Tea Salon

I love tea. I drink it every day. I love the calm ambiance of ZenCha Tea Salon. I go there and hang out, or do work for my business. I love their oolong teas. I tend to like more traditional teas, so I donít get into a lot of the flavors.Milestone 229

I love the ambiance and big open windows. It completely encapsulates a big city feel. The water fountains are gorgeous at night. It is all about the view at that place. For being landlocked in Columbus, it is a really special space. It incorporates so much with the skyline and the element of the water. They [also] have killer hummus and martinis. Phoenix Books

Anyone who is into any kind of new age spirituality like myself, this is the real deal. [Pheonix Books] has lots of different genres ranging from as normal as you want to be or as out there as you can imagine. Itís an older house that has been open since the 70s and it reminds me of San Francisco. Itís this amazing gem for people that consider themselves a spiritualist.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods is dangerous for me, I can easily go in and spend more than I do. When I was starting my business there was a lot of struggle, and I just needed some happy days. I would go to Whole Foods just to feel better. I would go just to soak up the vibe, I would look at the fruits and vegetables and think, ďThis life here itís vibrant, itís beautiful and itís all going to be O.K.Ē