Shoes: From Brigade

Shoes: From Brigade

Laces: From Tigertree

Watch: From Tigertree. "I like watches. They're like shoelaces. They add a little subtle detail."

Pants: From J.Crew

Shirt: From

Pen: By Pilot. "You always have to have a pen on your person. I don't carry a notebook; it's so cumbersome. I just write it on my hand. If it's good enough to get from my hand to my computer, then I know it's good."

Glasses: By Warby Parker. "Warby Parker is the best thing. They are inexpensive and will work with your prescription. I got prescription sunglasses too, which feels like the most luxurious thing in the world."

Hair: By Dina Agginis at Parlour 158 in Lancaster. "She's my dude. I use Layrite [pomade] to style it."

Tattoos: Most by Memento Tattoo & Gallery. "I want to look like I went to the fanciest jail, like I was hanging out with the Enron guys. My last three tattoos have been about writing."

Family tree tattoo: "My dad carved this tree into our mailbox, and when I was growing up I'd always see it as we pulled into the driveway."

A good life tattoo: Inspired by a Garrison Keillor quote, "A life of a writer is a good life."

Pen/ knife tattoo: "You know, edit with a knife. It's a reminder to take all the bullshit out in life, too."