Golak: LeBron is going back to No. 23 for his C-town return. Do you like this — or would you rather see him stay with 6, or restart with something new?

Sumukh: I like it because it shows he really does care about Clevelanders since he's not forcing cash-strapped fans who already own his old jersey into having to buy a new one. Instead, those fans will no doubt take the money they would have used on that and blow it on a Johnny Manziel jersey.


Sumukh: The NFL suspended Ray Rice for two games for his involvement in a domestic violence altercation with his wife. Ben Roethlisberger got four games for his sexual assault allegations and Josh Gordon could get up to a year for numerous drug test failures. What does Rice's punishment say to you about the NFL's player conduct policies?

Golak: I think the message the NFL is sending is quite clear: hit women, not bongs.


Golak: During a game with the Kansas City Royals, Cleveland Indians' left fielder Ryan Raburn biffed on a fly ball, turning Mike Moustakas’ pop-up into a double. He then spiked the cut-off throw into the ground, turning that double into an error-laden, inside-the-park homerun. Is it hyperbole to call this the worst fielding play in baseball history?

Sumukh: It’s not the worst, but that's only because I include some of my YMCA tee-ball games as part of baseball history.


Sumukh: I watched UFC Fight Night on FOX Saturday night. Ohio's own Matt Brown had "Dude Wipes" written on his butt during the main-event match. Has corporate sponsorship in the UFC gone overboard?

Golak: Dude Wipes? Yeah, things are probably out of hand now. That product shouldn't be getting pushed by Dana White on UFC Fight Night; it should be getting passed on by Mark Cuban on “Shark Tank.”