FMMF debates

The (mostly) civil discourse that’s taken place online made me incredibly proud of Columbus these last few weeks.


The "Mad Max: Fury Road" trailer

It's been a while since a movie trailer made me say, "Whoa!" This movie trailer made me say, "Whoa!"


Walk the Moon

They played some new music at their LC show and now I'm really excited for their next album release. 

Lauren K.

Si Senor

One on my favorite spots to grab lunch during work. I love their avocado salad with chicken, and their hot sauce is to die for.


“The Leftovers”

So brutal and depressing Werner Herzog should narrate, but I’m hooked.


Ann Dowd

This character actress made an unforgettable cameo on “True Detective” (“Making flowers”), and is currently giving fantastic performances on both “The Leftovers” and “Masters of Sex.”


Michael Bay movies

Ha! No, not really. Michael Bay hates America.


Yarn It & Haberdashery

I have been too far away from a good yarn store for too long. Now with Esther Hall’s new shop, I'm finally nearby a great shop again!