The Black Keys are rolling into town, so we're counting down 10 of our favorite bands with "colorful" names.

The Black Keys are rolling into town, so we’re counting down 10 of our favorite bands with “colorful” names.

10. Blood Orange

Dev Hynes’ latest music under this moniker is pretty much the second coming of Prince with a live show to match. ’Nuff said.

9. Blue Oyster Cult

They’re more than just a deftly executed cowbell.

8. Deep Purple

There’s a reason the “Smoke on the Water” riff is one of the first things anyone learns on guitar. One of the pioneers of heavy metal.

7. Green Day

OK, so American Idiot (and all subsequent albums) might have been ill-advised, but don’t forget, before their commercial drop off, these dudes just wanted to make punk music and smoke reefer.

6. White Zombie

The off-chance you’ll hear “Thunderkiss ’65” is the only reason to ever listen to The Blitz.

5. Goldfrapp

The synthpop duo hailing from Bath, England, pays homage to the darker side of glam rock with glitter-kissed soundscapes and hypnotic voice. If you aren’t dancing by the end of “Ooh La La,” you’re the problem.

4. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

The Peter Hayes-lead psych rockers are named after a fictional motorcycle gang, but they exude plenty of black leather cool.

3. Pink Floyd

There’s a reason that generation after generation of college freshmen go through a serious Floyd phase. The definitive psychedelic rock band.

2. The White Stripes

Dear drunk sports fans: Give us “Seven Nation Army” back.

1. Black Sabbath

Sabbath is No. 1. This is not up for debate. This is just fact.