Fall art events in Columbus

Zadie Smith, Miranda July, Picasso, John Oliver … whoa! It’s gonna be a great fall.


Riot Fest

Finally, Slayer and Wu-Tang Clan share a bill. This weekend's Chicago lineup is one of the best festival lineups. Ever.


“Sons of Anarchy”

Jax is back and he's got some serious rage. I love this show.

Lauren K.

Apple iPhone 6 and watch

Shut up and take my money.


The yak burger at the Hey Hey

This might be my favorite burger in the city at the moment.


Calvin Johnson

The Detroit Lions’ unstoppable wide receiver is the most exciting athlete in all of sports. Go Lions!


The Newport Aquarium

The penguins were cute, but I’m fairly certain the entrance to the “Frog Bog” is actually the gate to Hell.


Collapsible lighting reflectors

The cheapest way to add light to your photos. They're also lightweight and versatile. I have three different sizes I carry with me: 6 inches, 32 inches and 42 inches.