Spacebar launched without a hitch on a recent Friday.

Spacebar launched without a hitch on a recent Friday.

The newborn music venue, which takes over the North Campus location formerly occupied by Kobo, bears virtually no resemblance to its former tenant. Indeed, the lingering image from the final night at Kobo, which shuttered its doors in March, is of the former owner wielding a plunger when plumbing issues wreaked havoc on the dive’s bathrooms, both of which ended up being closed down and sealed with duct tape.

It’s hard to imagine a similar scene unfurling at Spacebar, which has undergone extensive renovation under new owner Ben DeRolph. Though the venue still occupies the same square footage, the redesign helps the space feel infinitely larger. When you walk in the stage is immediately on the right, with the bar now taking its place on the far left of the room. In addition to these more dramatic updates, there’s a newfound appreciation for detail, which revealed itself in everything from the glowing filaments in the Edison bulbs that served as stage lighting to the ongoing light show that projected a swirling mass of intergalactic bodies on the venue’s polished concrete floor.

Most important, however, were the updates to the greatly improved sound system, a much-needed overhaul that paid immediate dividends during a kickoff show featuring strutting rock trio Friendly Faux (which bashed its way through David Bowie’s “Starman” in tribute to the new digs), pop-rock collective Indigo Wild and Brujas del Sol, a quartet that married spacy, barely-tethered-by-gravity arrangements with boulder-pulverizing power during an impressive headlining turn.

Apropos of the setting, Brujas projected Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” on a screen as it played, and the visuals often matched the band’s epic sound, which was colored with electronic textures that whooshed like space station doors and guitars that whirled, buzzed and gnashed like orbiting space junk.

The evening’s eclectic bill offered a peek into Spacebar’s all-encompassing booking approach. Its upcoming concert calendar is dominated by locals of all sounds and styles, ranging from electro-pop (Damn the Witch Siren on Sept. 25) to metal (the mighty Eye on Sept. 27), meaning there’s plenty of reason for local music fans of all stripes to keep watching the skis, er, skies (h/t “The Simpsons”).