This week's new reviews include "Interstellar" and "Big Hero 6." Here's what else is opening in Columbus.

This week’s new reviews include “Interstellar” and “Big Hero 6.” Here’s what else is opening in Columbus.

“Listen Up, Philip”

Jason Schwartzman leads a great cast in this black comedy about a neurotic novelist and the people who surround him. Think peak ’70s Woody Allen, and you’ll get the vibe.

“On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter”

This follow-up to the 1971 motorcyle racing documentary by Bruce Brown is directed by his son Dana Brown, who also filmed the follow-up to his dad’s famous surfing doc “The Endless Summer.”

“The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears”

Fans of stylish horror films and/or strange titles, take note. This Belgian thriller boasts stunning visuals and works in the vein of Italian horror meister Dario Argento. (Gateway Film Center)

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Last week was a tough call between two of the best movies of the year, but if you saw “Nightcrawler” then, see “Birdman” this weekend. Best acting of the year, and the one-shot style needs to be seen on the big screen.