This week's reviews include "Rosewater" and "Citizenfour."

This week’s reviews include “Rosewater” and “Citizenfour.”

“Dumb and Dumber To”

 The Farrelly Brothers return with a sequel to their breakout hit 20 years after the fact. Jim Carrey gets to unleash his manic comedic self again, but we’re more excited for more silly Jeff Daniels shenanigans.


This awards-season contender hits the Drexel with Miles Teller — who was fantastic in last year’s underrated “The Spectacular Now” — as a young drummer who is mentored by an instructor at a prestigious music academy (the always-great J.K. Simmons).

“Saving Christmas”

The War on Christmas gets more commercial every year, doesn’t it? Kirk Cameron fans the flames of culture war with a preachy family comedy. If you’re the target audience, you probably aren’t reading this. 

“Beyond the Lights”

Gugu Mbatha-Raw (“Belle”) stars in this drama examining the reality behind the pre-packaged fantasy of a female pop star. 

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You saw “Nightcrawler” two weeks ago, and “Interstellar” last week, but we’re going to keep singing the praises of “Birdman” until you see it or it leaves theaters and you regret it.