Explorers Club’s vegetarian/vegan menu

It only comes around one month a year, which is a shame, because those tempeh tots are soo dope.



One of my favorite movies of 2014 has made its way to Netflix (which means my friends are finally seeing it). Watch it. Now.


Crock pot Mondays

This is seriously going to become a thing in my house. Dinner should always be easy on a Monday.

Lauren K.

“Pacey and Joey: The Movie”

Someone took all of the Pacey and Joey scenes from “Dawson's Creek” and cut them together. Which was why we all watched that show anyways! Long live Team Pacey!


Sour beer month at Yellow Brick Pizza

Helping make colder temperatures tolerable since 2014



See page 42.


“Strange Circus” by Sion Sono

It made the top 5 on my “most disturbing movie ever” list last weekend.



Essentially a giant macro writer, TextExpander lets me store form lists, emails and even documents, and use a shorthand for them instead of writing the whole thing out. It even calculates the amount of time it's saved me based on how fast I type — 7.3 hours for me just this year.