Hulu Plus subscription, $7.99/month

Hulu Plus subscription, $7.99/month

Your movie lover most likely already subscribes to Netflix, and Hulu has always had its focus on TV shows, but there's one reason in particular to gift a subscription to this streaming service: The Criterion Collection. More than 800 films from this magnificently curated collection are available (including "The Seven Samurai," pictured). It's like a master course in film history.

CineMetal T-shirts, $25

If your movie fan is also an old-school heavy metal fan, this is a no-brainer. These shirts take the names of famed directors and combine them with iconic metal band logos. Want Ingmar Bergman in the Iron Maiden font? Done. Famed surrealist Alejandro Jodorowsky as Judas Priest? Got it. The most iconic, though, has to be the Werner Herzog version of the Danzig logo. Badass.

Han Solo in Carbonite Shower Curtain, $24.99

The J.J. Abrams-helmed return of "Star Wars" has brought new hope to an old generation of fans, but meanwhile you can have the iconic visage of frozen Han Solo staring at you every time you shower. Nothing creepy about that, right?

"Guardians of the Galaxy" Blu-Ray, $19.99

One of the biggest movies of the year hits home video just in time to be a stocking stuffer. The Dec. 9 release means your movie fan is probably going to wait to get this as a gift. Don't let them down.

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Tickets to "Big Eyes"

If you're going to hit a movie theater on Christmas night, this is the movie that your movie lover wants to see. This story of 1950s painter Margaret Keane looks like it could be Tim Burton's next "Ed Wood," and it has a great cast featuring Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz.

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