Bedhead: 1992-1998, $40 (4xCD) or $80 (5xLP)

Bedhead: 1992-1998, $40 (4xCD) or $80 (5xLP)

Bedhead is the perfect name for the Dallas slowcore crew, since a bulk of its catalog sounds as though the band members hit record seconds after emerging from the deepest of slumbers. This release from the always-great Numero Group collects the band's entire discography on four CDs or five LPs. If you're not a completist - or are simply looking for cheaper gift options - you can pick up individual LPs locally at Spoonful Records ($18 a piece, with three vinyl records available).

Numero Group

Spoonful Records

116 E. Long St., Downtown


Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC, $449

After shelling out for the Bedhead LP box set, you'll need something to spin it on. A solid turntable is worth the splurge, and this model offers hi-fi quality at a bargain price (seriously, high end audio equipment can blow a budget faster than a full-house remodel).

Sumiko Audio

Epishock portable speaker, $44.99

I'm not even going to pretend to understand the science behind this thing (apologies to my high school physics teacher), but somehow this portable device, which is shaped like a camera lens and is roughly the size of a tennis ball, can transform any flat surface into an impressively loud speaker.


Mixtape glasses (set of six), $50

This set of six drinking glasses is colorful and charmingly old-school. One could totally imagine John Cusack's record store owner sipping from them in "High Fidelity." Flash forward a decade or two and the company will probably offer a version imprinted with Spotify playlists.

Uncommon Goods

Record coasters, $18

This is the perfect gift for the type-A music fan who appreciates both vinyl records ("They just sound so much warmer, man") and keeping a coffee table/end table free of beverage rings. Bonus points if you package it with the mixtape drinking glasses.

Uncommon Goods