Gabrielle Bell’s “The Voyeurs”

I’d find Bell’s depressive self-doubt maddening if she wasn’t so talented. Like when she tours Tokyo with director Michel Gondry, but won’t leave her hotel room, Bell’s exquisitely rendered details elevate her paralysis into something more human and insightful.


J.K. Simmons in "Whiplash"

Simmons' intense music instructor will remind you of the drill instructor from "Full Metal Jacket." Today's your last chance to see it at the Drexel.



I acquired a new skill over the holiday weekend. I made an infinity scarf, but I'm pretty sure I could arm-knit a hammock next!

Lauren K.

Smoked ham

Best Thanksgiving decision ever: a smoked ham from City Barbeque. I highly recommend it for Christmas or Easter, or every time they offer it. 



I’m still a bourbon devotee, but rum-based cocktails sampled at Curio and Giuseppe’s recently have increased my willingness to branch out.



Have you ever seen these weird, little buddies? They’re like bigger, stranger versions of tadpoles. Check them out at Hounddogs.  


John Hughes Christmas movies

I’ve been binge-watchin’ classics like “Home Alone” and “Uncle Buck” to prepare The Pizza Underground.


Wholly Craft

I can get almost all of my holiday shopping done at the same time, support local businesses and craftspeople, and manage to give the most inventive gifts to my family — all in one stop.