On Miranda Lambert's sixth album, Platinum, the country star, who once got revenge on a cheating ex by burning down his house (see the 2005 single "Kerosene"), flashes a more restrained (and dare we say mature?) side. Sure, she still joins Carrie Underwood to raise some hell on "Somethin' Bad," but more often here she appears willing to laugh off life's various indignities - be it aging (on the title track she jokes about dying her hair, cracking, "What doesn't kill you only makes you blonder") or the headache of dealing with a famous spouse (on "Priscilla," Lambert, who's married to country star Blake Shelton, seeks advice from one Mrs. Presley).

In an email interview, Lambert, 31, attributed this newly relaxed demeanor to a recent birthday, writing, “My songwriting had a little more humor to it, and I saw that I could relax a bit more and delve into subjects that address the coming of age.”

She also takes a longer look in the mirror on songs like the surprisingly vulnerable “Bathroom Sink,” singing, “It's amazin' the amount of rejection/ That I see in my reflection.”

“Acceptance is probably the most universal thought expressed [on the album],” Lambert wrote. “It's tricky, as there is always an uncomfortable feeling to lay[ing] it out there for everyone to hear, but it pushes me and keeps me real.”

Justin Moore and Raelynn open the show.

Photo by Randee St. Nicholas