The upcoming solo exhibition from local multi-media artist Walter Herrmann will be the culmination of a concept he's been working on for the last two years. But that doesn't mean this is work he's shown before.

“I always want to show all new work. You’ll never see the same pieces,” Herrmann said during a late-January interview at his 400 West Rich Studio.

While there will be all new two-and three-dimensional pieces, that doesn’t limit the size and scope of the exhibit, as he plans to display over 100 pieces. Herrmann’s “Hive” refers to the association of creatives he’s become a part of in the last two years — through starting The Art and the Artist … network, but also through personal connections — that have influenced him personally and professionally.

Herrmann will also begin a sight-specific installation on Friday, Feb. 6. Visitors are welcome to come see him work and discuss the exhibit. The installation will be completed before a reception for “The Hive” takes place on Friday, Feb.20.