The sanctuary may have changed, but Columbus' goth/industrial community is still holding black mass at "Church presents Cathedral" at Ace of Cups.

Columbus’ favorite dark-wave dance party has survived four venue changes (mostly due to closures) and two variations on the original “Church” concept since its inception in 2004. But DJ KevyKev and DJ Broken Boy’s loyal congregation still shows up religiously to stomp into the night.

We arrived around 10:30 p.m. — early for the crowd. I brought along two friends who had never attended a goth dance party. I tried to explain what they should expect, but it’s difficult to articulate the camaraderie that manifests in a room full of people who appreciate KMFDM. I just told them to keep an open mind.

A few glitches in the sound system interrupted the few dancers on the floor, but no one conversing near the bar seemed to notice. The night’s theme, “Safezone,” encouraged revelers to dress as their favorite characters to honor “The Walking Dead” premiere. The bar was filled with familiar faces from the Outland 2.0 days.

Lasers and disco lights were the only thing cutting through the darkness at Ace of Cups. A thick fog from a smoke machine covered the room almost completely at times.

By 11:20 the leather-clad partygoers filled in around the lone dancer who hadn’t moved from the dance floor since we got there. By 11:45 both the Ace of Cups stage and most of the room were full of people stomping along. The music heaved forward like a steam engine. Nobody noticed the fire alarm went off — or maybe nobody cared.

Intent on rounding the evening out with a bang, the DJ began playing danceable industrial mixes — even my hip-hop-obsessed pal found herself stomping to the beat. Despite the initial shell-shock of the event, my friends were excited to hit the dance floor. Even a few suburban housewives who had wandered in by accident looked like they were having the time of their lives.

I believe a few people were baptized at the “Cathedral” that night — proclaiming from that night forward, “On Fridays we wear black.”