Good news, everyone! Romance isn't dead.

Good news, everyone! Romance isn’t dead.

In late January we asked readers to tell us how they popped the question for a chance to win a bachelor/bachelorette party from Arch City Tavern, an engagement party at Manifesto, and a rehearsal dinner provided by City Barbeque. You responded with some tear-jerkers, but in the end the story of Lucas Magrum’s proposal to Martha Fissel was so sweet we nearly got a toothache. Spoiler alert: She said yes.

The first time we met, she beat me at Raw Deal. Martha and I are both really into gaming. When we first met, we both belonged to separate gaming groups and I was playing against her at a gaming store in Fremont. She never lets me forget she won, either. Martha got a job in Columbus and moved, but we stayed in close contact. When I finished law school in Toledo, I decided to give us a real chance and moved to Columbus as well. I knew on our first date my life wouldn’t be as good without her in it — that’s when I knew I wanted to marry her. LM

I knew if I wanted her to marry me, I had to go about it the right way. I wanted to marry her for a long time, but [Martha] and her family are sort of old fashioned, so I had to get permission from her parents and sister. I had bought a functioning 1930s typewriter for her birthday last year. For the last few months we’ve been typing each other love notes in the morning — stuff like “I miss you and I can’t wait until you come home” or “Thank you for being my rock through this stressful week.” Two weeks ago I moved the typewriter from the office into the living room and put some candles around it so she wouldn’t miss it. At the bottom of the note it said to “turn around,” and I was there with the ring. LM

I was crying so hard when he proposed I didn’t even see the ring. Lucas and I have been serious about our relationship for a long time. I knew I wanted to marry him when he drove three hours to bring me popsicles and soup because I was too sick to leave my house. I wasn’t surprised he asked; I was surprised how he asked. When I realized what was happening I just started crying. After I said yes, he said, “Did you even see the ring?” I was like, “Wait, there’s a ring too?” MF

We are excited to appreciate every milestone. Right now we are just focusing on planning the wedding and appreciating every aspect of it we can together. We are both avid readers of Columbus Alive, so when we saw the contest I told him to just go for it. We get a lot of spam mail, so at first we didn’t believe the “Congratulations” email was real — we were so excited when we found out we’d won. We want to enjoy as much of this as possible. We are excited for everything, but I think we are most looking forward to just building our professional and personal lives in Columbus and making sure to take time every single day to show how much we mean to one another. MF

Photo by Meghan Ralston