The Awl’s new advice column, The Concessionist

I’m a sucker for advice columns that tackle the existential crises of strangers. See also: Ask Polly, Dear Cary, etc.


Winning Oscar pools

I'm the defending champ at my friends' annual Oscar party. Feel free to shame me if you beat my ballot.


Easy Chocolate Turtles

Dark chocolate, Medjool dates and pecans join forces to create the easiest and most delicious treat I've made in a while. Thank you, Detoxinista!

Lauren K.

Great costumer service

Rifle Paper Co. and Olliver Lifestyle deserve a gold star. I had some busted products and they went above and beyond what I expected.



The album from the local jazz duo of Mark Lomax and Eddie Bayard captures the fierce spirit of the ongoing protest movement


Subway’s Seafood Sensation

If you created a Venn diagram with sandwiches and sea witches, the Seafood Sensation would be in the direct center.



It was 85 degrees when I got on the plane. It was -1 when I got off. Welcome home.


Brett Helling

The sounds of your voice and your music will be missed terribly.