New in theaters:

New in theaters:

“Jurassic World”

Newly minted box-office star Chris Pratt takes on a toothy role in the dinosaur disaster series. Steven Spielberg produces, and Colin Trevorrow (“Safety Not Guaranteed”) directs.

“When Marnie Was There”

The latest entry from Japanese animation legends Studio Ghibli is a tale of a lonely girl who finds an unusual friendship. (Gateway Film Center)

“Sunshine Superman”

Here’s a documentary for adrenaline-junkies (a somewhat rare combination). It tells the story of Carl Boenish, the father of BASE jumping, through Boenish’s archival footage and some stunning aerial shots. (Gateway Film Center)

Alive recommends:“The Nightmare”

There are only a handful of (daytime) showings of my pick for the scariest movie of the year so far, a documentary about sleep paralysis from the director of “Room 237.”