With Crew SC in the thick of the MLS playoffs, we asked a few players to share a few of their favorite things around Columbus.

With Crew SC in the thick of the MLS playoffs, we asked a few players to share a few of their favorite things around Columbus.

Defender Chad Barson

The restaurant options in Columbus

I like Columbus for all of the different restaurant options. There's a wide range of restaurants and all of the food is quality. I like Bakersfield in the Short North; they have really good tacos and there is a cool atmosphere inside the restaurant. I also like all the Cameron Mitchell restaurants - quality food all the way around, and even restaurants that used to be Cameron Mitchell that aren't owned by him anymore, the Columbus Fish Market, all of his restaurants are top notch. They always have quality food.

The outdoors

I like all of the outdoor options in Columbus such as the Metro Parks, bike trails and all of the hiking options. There is a good variety around the city and they all bring something a little different.

Defender Chris Klute

Video games

The first thing that I'm into and that I love are video games. I grew up with it, I've always had just a love for the entertainment and hopefully one day I can work with video games. Right now, I am playing Smite, and I'm getting ready for the new Call of Duty that's about to come out. Those are two exciting games for me.

Scary movies

The second thing that I love is scary movies. I love, love scary movies - they have been my life too, just like video games. Growing up, those were the movies that I tended to watch. For me, watching scary movies is like this: When you watch them, sometimes, it's hard to see new things. So when I watch a scary movie, I'm not only watching them to get scared, but I'm also watching to see what new elements the producer is bringing to the table.

Goalkeeper Brad Stuver

Cherbourg Bakery

We found it my first year here. It's gluten-free, nut-free, and the doughnuts are unbelievable. We go there every home game, it's a tradition. We get a doughnut or two in the morning. The best doughnuts I've had in Columbus.

German Village

We drive down there almost every weekend. We drive around, take our dog, walk around, look at cool houses and all the attractions they have like the Book Loft and Pistacia Vera. It's a good weekend spot.

Defender Tyson Wahl

Mission Coffee

I love Mission Coffee down in the Short North. I love drinking coffee - they have great lattes, great espressos. I lived in the Short North during my first season in Columbus and I went there nearly every day during my first year. It's a good spot.

Northstar Café

It's right next door to Mission Coffee but they have a couple of different locations. Their chicken avocado sandwich is amazing.

Forward Aaron Schoenfeld

Cafe Brioso

My favorite spot in Columbus is probably Cafe Brioso. They have the best tomato basil soup - it's probably the best in the entire world. The coffees are fresh, the espresso is nice, and even when I'm feeling a latte they're nice, too. It's the best.

The Short North

I love just the Short North area in general, the energy it has in town. Every restaurant is nice and it has a great energy.