Stocking stuffers, casual acquaintances, coworkers, just-for-the-hell-of-it gifts: We've 'em covered with these gifts that are way more than throwaway trinkets. - Kristen Schmidt

Stocking stuffers, casual acquaintances, coworkers, just-for-the-hell-of-it gifts: We've 'em covered with these gifts that are way more than throwaway trinkets.

Jonathan Juravich bookmarks

These bookmarks ($1 each) have arms that hook over the pages of books as though they're buddies, hanging out, waiting for you to open the page again. Juravich is an artist and teacher with a knack for the adorable. Hand these out at your December book club get-together. Wholly Craft, 3515 N. High St., Clintonville, 614-447-3445,

Ironic magnets

Mincing Mockingbird stuff is delightfully sarcastic, like Ann Taintor with pretty birds. This sleek little cutie preens for the guy downstairs! Find "I'm addicted to shiny things," "I'm three ounces of whoop-ass" and more ($5 each) for the sardonic giggler in your life. Wholly Craft

Trinket bowl

You can spend a lot or a very little at Elm & Iron and invariably walk away with something perfect. Browse the shop for objets d'art that your favorite people can use to spruce up the desk or home with color and shape. This gilded-interior bowl struck us as an especially great deal at just $6. Elm & Iron, 3475 N. High St., Clintonville, 614-824-5611,

Crystal growing trees

Someone on your list is a sucker for science experiments reminiscent of childhood chemistry sets. That person is the target audience for these amazing crystal trees. We see a holiday table centerpiece in the making. Tigertree, 787 N. High St., Short North, 614-299-2660,

Banned books socks

Keep your friend righteously indignant and toasty this winter with these socks ($10) printed with the titles of books banned by the ignorant, literature-hating censors of America. Legible titles go on one foot, while redacted ones go on the other.

Faribault Woolen Mill cup cuff

Faribault Woolen Mill has been through the wringer in the last few years. The company was founded in 1865, shut down several years ago in a financial crisis and recently resurrected with fresh investments. The mill's throws, blankets and scarves are popping up in capsule collections for Target and West Elm, among others. This coffee cuff ($10) will do double duty on your mitts, protecting them from burns, yet gently transferring heat for a cozy clutch. Tigertree;

"33 Glasses of Whiskey"

A whiskey journal ($5) for the explorer in your life. Fits easily in a back or shirt pocket and is formatted simply so you don't have to write an essay about your deepest feelings in order to remember whether or not you liked that cask-strength bourbon you tried last night. True story: A tiny bit of whiskey is blended into the ink used to print these books. Peabody Papers, 1261 Grandview Ave., Grandview Heights, 614-485-9855,;

Oversized copper cookie cutter

Sweeten a gift of a classic, sturdy copper cookie cutter ($8.50) with a batch of your best gingerbread or sugar cookies. Find this lacy snowflake and many other shapes at Cookware Sorcerer - just head to the back of the store and look up; they're conveniently displayed on a wire rack on the wall. Cookware Sorcerer, 688 N. High St., Short North,614-228-8678,

Macaron erasers

These are the only macarons that won't end up on your hips! But seriously, fix your errors in style with this rainbow of erasers, which emit an appetite-stoking vanilla scent. Columbus Museum of Art

Flaming Idols candles

Where are your LGBTQ idols? On these candles, that's where. Light one ($10 each) in homage to Madonna, Prince, Missy Elliott, Justin Bieber, Laverne Cox and many, many others. May they continue to inspire us all. Wholly Craft