"Top Chef" power rankings on Filmdrunk.com, Helen's Asian Kitchen and Photoshop tricks, among other things.

"Top Chef" power rankings on Filmdrunk.com

The long-running Bravo series is solid popcorn TV (I'm Team Kwame, fwiw), but I've been enjoying the morning-after recaps on FilmDrunk as much as the show itself - particularly the running list of nicknames for the myriad chef-testants (see: Wormser, Roux McClanahan). - Andy Downing

Helen's Asian Kitchen

I'd love and recommend this restaurant just for its outstanding food - especially the soup dumplings and selections from the Sichuan menu. But the Helen's experience is so much more than a meal. Because you'll encounter Helen, the endearing owner and culinary brain trust behind the place, and her husband, a classically trained pianist and opera singer who spontaneously sits down at a piano in the center of the restaurant to beautifully belt out "O Sole Mio" like it's nothing. Finally, you must go because of the seriously weird setting: a former strip club still equipped with mirrored walls and a stage. Helen's is a feast for the senses and a true Columbus original. Visit now! - Kristen Schmidt

Photoshop tricks

Did you know you can place a PSD within a PSD and then place that in a PSD? Neither did I. It's like Photoshop Inception. Thanks for the tip, internet! - Alyse Kordenbrock

Equal Exchange English Breakfast Tea

I'm typically a coffee drinker, and the stronger the better. But sometimes, winter conditions and winter colds call for a cup of tea to either calm the nerves or calm the throat. This is a full-bodied blend of teas from Sri Lanka and India. Sometimes I might even add milk like my English grandma used to. - Jim Fischer