New releases for the weekend of February 19

New releases:


This biopic looks at one of the most indelible moments in the history of sport as Ohio State great Jesse Owens traveled to the Berlin Olympics to compete (and win) in front of Hitler.


A new take on the Biblical story of the Resurrection turns the focus toward two members of the Roman military who investigate the event in the weeks following Jesus' death.

"Rolling Papers"

This documentary takes a look at the budding (hehe) field of pot journalism as The Denver Post becomes the first major U.S. media outlet to appoint a marijuana editor. (Gateway Film Center)

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Limited screenings:

"Big Trouble in Little China"

The Gateway Film Center is always bringing great throwbacks, but John Carpenter's cult classic should be a special treat on its 30th anniversary. Plus, it features my favorite villain who shares a name with a great Columbus metal band, Lo-Pan. See it at 9:30 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 19.