New in theaters for the weekend of February 26

New in theaters:

"Gods of Egypt"

Alex Proyas ("The Crow") directs this effects-driven actioner about, um, Gods of Egypt, featuring a mostly white cast. #HollywoodsSoWhite

"Eddie the Eagle"

Hugh Jackman stars in this feel-good biopic about the unlikely British Olympic ski jumper (played by Taron Egerton).

"Triple 9"

This heist movie about criminals and corrupt cops teaming up features a stellar cast. So stellar that something must be up with its February release.

"We Are Twisted Fucking Sister"

The Gateway Film Center opens a documentary about the glam rock band. Color me interested, but 2 hours and 14 minutes for a Twisted Sister doc? Really?

* * *

Limited screenings:

"Cabin Fever"

The GFC is also bringing a personal favorite for its Nightmares on High Street. This gory, dark satire was Eli Roth's breakout … and still his best flick.

* * *

Alive recommends:

"The Witch"

This period chiller focuses on an outbreak of witch hysteria in 17th Century New England, and is the latest in a line of absolutely stellar films from upstart studio A24.

"Son of Saul"

This Hungarian Holocaust drama is a remarkable, unforgettable work of film. See it so you'll know why it should win an Oscar on Sunday.


The R-rated superhero flick is a somewhat unlikely smash, but it's also smart, hilarious and plays with the tired tropes of the genre.