If it feels like just yesterday the skies were sunny and blue and temperatures hovered in the 70s, it's because, well, they did. (Adios, fall, nice to have known you.)

If it feels like just yesterday the skies were sunny and blue and temperatures hovered in the 70s, it's because, well, they did. (Adios, fall, nice to have known you.)

Now with December bearing down on us - peep the calendar, it begins next week - it's time to start preparing for the holidays. And that means buying gifts. Lots of them. This doesn't mean you have to break the bank, of course. So we're kicking off our annual gift guide with 20 gifts you can purchase locally, each priced at or under $25. Happy shopping.

Vinyl LP notebook, $15

It's easy to imagine John Cusack's "High Fidelity" record clerk scrawling out top-10 lists in these gorgeous notebooks, which sport covers cut from damaged vinyl LPs. Bonus points if you score one made from one of the giftee's favorite albums.

Spoonful Records
116 E. Long St., Downtown

Bicycle-print pint glass, $12

Columbus has become increasingly bike-friendly, what with protected lanes and bike-share stations sprouting as fruitfully as mushrooms during the rainy season. For the cyclist in your life, why not score a pair of these pint glasses? Want to kick it up another notch? Include a sixer of beer from New Belgium, with its familiar bicycle logo.

177 E. Beck St., German Village

Beer bottle candle, $20

Honestly, if you're shopping for someone who reps Ohio hard, you would do well to visit this German Village shop, which could pass for a welcome center if it fell closer to state lines. Once in the store, you're surrounded by gifts emblazoned with the state of Ohio, and it features dozens of locally crafted gifts. One of our faves? These candles made from recycled Seventh Son beer bottles, whose labels tend to double as miniature canvases for some killer art.

The Red Stable
223 E. Kossuth St., German Village

Schmidt's Sausage Haus Baseball T-shirt, $19.95

Schmidt's is a local institution, featured on TV ("Man vs. Food") and in countless print publications. A couple doors down you'll find its companion Fudge Haus, which stocks plenty of candy, obviously, but also a host of seemingly random gifts (boot-shaped beer steins, etc.). Among the odds and ends you'll find this sharp, baseball-style T-shirt. Feel like going all out? Buy a few Bahama Mama sausages they can grill up while sporting the new look.

Schmidt's Fudge Haus
220 E. Kossuth St., German Village

Art print drinking cup, $21.50

The phrase "a bull in a china shop" could have been written about German Village gift shop Helen Winnemore's, a cozy space jam-packed with fragile-looking items (a watchful eye is needed if visiting with curious and/or rambunctious children). Among the many standout gifts is this artsy drinking glass from a line crafted regionally by a husband-and-wife team (she sketches the characters and he fashions the cups, mugs and plates).

Helen Winnemore's
150 E. Kossuth St., German Village

Pickle Pipe, $19.95

The Pickle Pipe is a dishwasher safe, self-sealing, air-lock valve that fits directly into a Mason jar ($1.50 apiece) and is designed in such a way that gas created during fermentation is vented without letting oxygen into the jar (i.e. no mold). Pickling ain't just for grannies, peeps.

City Folk's Farm Shop
4760 N. High St., Clintonville

Columbus coaster, $10

Featuring colorful photos of area haunts like Ace of Cups, Tee Jaye's, the Old North Columbus archway and other spots, these locally made coasters from Columbus Coaster Co. are a great way to show some city pride while protecting your furniture from unsightly rings.

Wholly Craft
3515 N. High St., Clintonville

Animal bottle openers, $16

Show your political party pride with an elephant or donkey bottle opener from Elm & Iron, or reach across the aisle and proudly use both openers next time you host a party. Or if you're just done with politics, opt for a bear ($15) or dog paw ($12).

Elm & Iron
3475 N. High St., Clintonville

Cheese-making kit, $25

The holidays can be cheesy. Make them cheesier with Ricki's Cheesemaking Kit, which, when combined with a gallon of milk and a pint of half-and-half, will give you homemade mozzarella or ricotta cheese in 30 minutes. Ricki "the Cheese Queen" provides recipes and supplies for 30 one-pound batches in the kit.

The Winemaker's Shop
3517 N. High St., Clintonville

Make-your-own bear, $19

Sure, you could buy your friend a stuffed animal. Or, you could have your friend make a stuffed animal. Perfect for someone who wants to learn classic embroidery stitches, Kiriki Press' DIY kits come with instructions, a screen-printed pattern and eco-friendly stuffing so stitchers can make their own plush bear and wolf dolls that stand about 4-and-a-half inches tall.

Sew to Speak
752 High St., Worthington

Personalized stationery, starting at $12.99

Whether for those increasingly rare times the occasion calls for more than a text or email, or just to class up your act, Peabody Papers offers these monogrammed cards, designed and printed by the shop locally. Select the letter and style of your choice from the rack, or work with the staff to design your own personal look (price dependent on design).

Peabody Papers
1261 Grandview Ave., Grandview

Box of nine truffles, $15.99

Daniel Cooper is as passionate about making chocolate as the rest of us are about eating it. While you're not restricted to nine - Pure Imagination has an always-freshening array of around 30-35 different flavors of truffle (Prince of Darkness, Tahitian Vanilla Bean, Blood Orange Mimosa, Champagne…) at any given point in time - a box of nine is a great choice for a gift. Call ahead and they'll make one up for you, or stop by and select your own flavors.

Pure Imagination Chocolatier
1205 Grandview Ave., Grandview

Etched "OHIO" glasses, $8-$10

State of Devotion has plenty of ways to represent the people, places and things you hold dear, not the least of which is the state we call home. This sweet "OHIO" design is new, and there are a handful of ways you can choose to bring it home. We like the pint ($10), the "super popular," in owner Jim Jackson's words, wine ($8) and rock ($8) glasses.

State of Devotion
1399 Grandview Ave.

Aromatherapy balms, $10

The options at Earth Elements are limited only by your imagination - the shop stocks more than 100 different essential oils that you can mix as it suits you (for use as a lotion, balm, scrub or a diffuser blend) or choose from pre-mixed options available off the shelf. The aromatherapy balms, applicable to the wrist or any pulse point, are a fine choice for gifting.

Earth Elements
1407 Grandview Ave., Grandview

Bread dipping oil, $17

The Oilerie specializes in extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars, with a selection of pastas and spices as well, plus a unique collection of olive wood products. For a gift that's flavorful and popular, pick a bottle of one of the shop's three flavors of bread dipping oil ($17) - Italian Herb (the most popular choice), Garlic Lover's or Rosemary Garlic. Add a gift box for a few pennies over $20.

Oilerie Columbus
1409 Grandview Ave., Grandview

Wine stopper and glass, $17

Who doesn't love two gifts in one? Surprise your loved one with a festive wine glass decorated in gold and glitter. The built-in wine stopper includes a bell - a useful way to identify the culprit responsible for finishing the bottle.

Chunky Armadillo
726 N. High St., Short North

Cat mug, $24

What's better than watching cat videos on the internet? Watching cat videos on the internet while drinking coffee out of this cat-shaped mug from Global Gifts. The adorable drinkware - available in various colors - was handmade by Ceramicas Polopo, a family-run business in Guatemala. All Global Gift items are fair trade, or produced in safe working conditions for fair wages.

Global Gifts
682 N. High St., Short North

Ohio-Shaped coasters, $25

If you're already honoring the Buckeye State by drinking Ohio-brewed beer, you should at least have Ohio-shaped coasters for the bottles. Locally homemade from reclaimed wood, the set includes five coasters and a stand.

815 N. High St., Ste. C, Short North

Paperwhite Nir bulb and vase, $19.50

You don't have to wait for spring to grow gorgeous flowers for your home. The Paperwhite Nir bulb blossoms into a white, fragrant beauty. Simply place the bulb in the vase with water that is only touching the roots. Set in a sunny window and watch the plant bloom in six to eight weeks - or by the beginning of the New Year!

Rose Bredl
664 N. High St., Short North

The Original Drinking Bird, $12

Reward your inner child with the Drinking Bird. Just dip its beak in water and marvel at the impact of evaporation and condensation. Watching the bird drink is also a great way to zone out during the stressful holiday season. Glass not included.

Big Fun Columbus
672 N. High St., Short North