Despite their use of different mediums, Columbus artist becca lynn and Ohio native (and Brooklyn-based) John F. Moore, Jr. address similar concepts via similar approaches.

Former 934 Gallery Creative Director Maxwell Chamberlain introduced the two and developed the idea for a joint exhibition based on the idea that both artists deal with the relativity of time and the shifting nature of being.

For this body of work, lynn, working in oil on canvas, examines "how we are far less solid than we think we are, much more malleable, ever-changing and much leakier," per her artist statement. The works refer to parts of the body where things enter and leave, where boundaries are crossed.

Moore, working on wood with a variety of materials, challenges our perceptions of time, juxtaposing fluidity and stasis via layer upon layer of applied color and form.

The exhibition will remain on view through Jan. 28.