Rivet hosts exhibition of hand-done art.

Mark-making — artists making physical marks as a means of expression — is celebrated in this exhibition at Rivet.

Co-curated by Columbus artist Michael Weigman and Illinois artist Joshua Johnson, “The Visceral Hand” features the work of 23 artists (most of whom were known to the co-curators either directly or by reputation and work in lithography, intaglio, woodcut and more).

“The main thing for us was that the imagery was hand-done, to directly represent the emotion of the artist,” Weigman said in a phone interview. “What's great about hand-drawn images is you get a sense of conflict within the artist. The material has that … imperfection, if you will, of the hand-drawn image. We wanted to show that very human-ness of the artist.”

Weigman said the participating artists were asked that their work in some way include societal or cultural commentary. He said that there were some surprises in the work that was submitted, in that it did not refer to or comment on specific social issues or instances, but offered a broader examination “much more focused on humanity as a whole.”

“It was striking. It makes the collected work much more timeless,” he said.

The exhibition will remain on view through Jan. 31. This is the first of multiple possible shows for “The Visceral Hand,” including an upcoming show in Chicago.