Heaven's Gateway Drugs join Brujas del Sol and Garbage Greek in concert.

It's hard to pass up a band that has a good shtick, and the Fort Wayne, Indiana quartet Heaven's Gateway Drugs has a doozy. According to legend (and press materials), the band's leader, Ben Carr, was overcome with visions during the band's first performance and soon crafted Heaven's Gateway Drugs into the means of spreading his message.

It's a good yarn, and certainly adds to the fun, even if the band doesn't need it. In a crowded field of psychedelic bands, Gateway Drugs stands out.

Oftentimes, the band sounds like fellow psych-pounders the Apes covering the first two Pink Floyd albums. For a dated, well-mined genre like '60s psychedelia, Gateway finds new stone after new stone to overturn, uncovering something fun and, at times, almost joyous.

Almost weirder is an undercurrent of early '90s Brit rock. It is almost imperceptible unless you know what you are listening for, but if you were listening to CD101 back in the very early days, you will recognize the DNA of acts like Happy Mondays, The The and Material Issue deep down.

Not that the fellows would know. The good stuff is always deeper than the creators expected, or can be responsible for. There is more to Heaven's Gateway Drugs than the band likely even realizes yet.

Brujas del Sol and Garbage Greek round out the bill. (Don't miss it)