Dance, drama woven together to show dark side of love

Choreographer Melissa Gould and director Elliott Lemberg have conceived a dark and, at times, troubling, examination of love in “Bleeding Hearts.” The first production under their collaborative banner LG Initiatives, the pair have taken original choreography and dramatic scenes and woven together a tale of betrayal, obsession and emotional devastation.

“There's definitely mature content,” Gould said, referencing portrayals of domestic violence and the use of abusive and adult language.

Lemberg created a character that serves as a through-line for the alternating scenes of dance and theater, who shares in the audience's “journey through all these darksome themes,” he said.

Dance scenes represent a woman contemplating her options upon learning her partner has cheated on her, an abusive relationship and a newlywed with cold feet. Dramatic scenes examine a woman obsessed with her ability to eat gold and a pair of teens — one a boy and one a girl — contemplating a killing spree.