Cincinnati trash-pop trio's relationship songs make for the perfect anti-Valentine's show

It's been three years since Cincinnati trash-pop trio Tweens released its self-titled debut, which embraced its demographic namesake by reveling in bratty, fun-dipped punk rock that can, at times, sound like a dating profile set to music.

On “Be Mean,” the perfect anti-Valentine's Day song, Tweens singer Bridget Battle implores “a really great, great guy” to cut the boring sweet talk and replace it with some attitude. “I want you to be mean,” she sings, then acknowledges he's not entirely to blame for his milquetoast manner: “There must be something wrong with me.”

So what kind of man is Battle looking for? She fills you in on “Hardcore Boy,” describing a guy with “steel-toed boots and dark black jeans” and singing, “Hey, hardcore boy, I don't want any other.” Then, on “Girlfriend,” Battle further defies relationship expectations. “I don't wanna hold your hand,” she sings.

So this Valentine's weekend, maybe don't assume your date wants a nice person to hold his/her hand. And don't forget the steel-toed boots.

While Tweens is the main event here, the local support on this bill would be a don't-miss show all on its own: Sega Genocide, didi and Future Nuns. (Don't miss it)