Check out a few things the Doc Robinson co-founder loves, and then Join the band at Dude Locker for a video shoot Saturday, April 8

Doc Robinson is a rock 'n' roll group formed by Nick D'Andrea (Nick D & the Believers) and Jon Elliot (The Floorwalkers). It has evolved into a sprawling collaboration with musicians and artists from all ends of the city. In the spirit of Doo Dah, the pair is calling all artists, musicians, stilt walkers, fire-breathers, acrobats, drifters, mimes, ventriloquists, mermaids and fortune tellers to join the band in costume on Saturday, April 8 at Dude Locker to appear in a new music video. Filming begins at noon and beer and food will be provided. Here are a few things D'Andrea loves.

“Black Mirror”

This heavy-hitter series is composed of mind-bending sci-fi parables for the 21st century. It'll haunt your thoughts for weeks. Binge with caution.

O'Reilly's Pub

This one's not a new love affair, but it's definitely a lasting one. The best burgers and jukebox in town.


This one's also not a new love affair, but with the playoffs coming up, and a repeat title on the line, these boys are center stage on the love list.


A funky new pop-soul group with tight grooves and sticky hooks.

Elon Musk

The man with the plan. This dude dares to dream big, but always manages to back it up.