Dan Spurgeon's post-Greenhorn band returns with a new album

A quick history lesson: In the early '90s, two sets of brothers — singer/guitarist Dan Spurgeon, guitarist Mark Spurgeon, bassist Steve McGann and drummer Pat McGann — set up Marshall stacks (on stacks) and assaulted High Street with deafening rock shows as Greenhorn. The foursome was more classic-rock than punk, but the attitude of the latter infused the former, creating loud and quintessentially Midwestern hard rock.

Greenhorn didn't last, but Dan Spurgeon later formed Bush League All-Stars, a band that retains some of the best parts of Greenhorn (big guitars) and adds keys and other subtle flourishes to its still-no-frills sound.

Bush League All-Stars' 2009 album, Cedar Knees, was the most recent record by Spurgeon and Co., but on Friday, BLAS will celebrate the digital release of new album Summer's Gold. Spurgeon fans will find much to like: “My Turn” is throwback alt-rock that somehow still sounds fresh; “Half a Life” is blue-collar power-pop (think New Pornographers raised in Ohio); and on “Bird on a Wire,” Spurgeon embraces twangy, old-school cowpunk.

The plan is to use this digital release to raise money for a physical release of Summer's Gold, as well as another album the band has in the can. Head to Bandcamp and make it happen. (Don't miss it)