Local fest performers chime in with some favorite budget dining options

With rising, reliable label Heel Turn wading into the festival realm with this weekend's Cheap Heat (read our feature on the Golden Pelicans and check out a full lineup of venues and performers on page 24), we thought we'd ask some participating musicians their favorite local spots to eat on a budget.

This is more than just an easy play on the words Cheap Heat/cheap eats — though it's certainly that. It's also an acknowledgment that Heel Turn thrives as an outlet for raw, lo-fi sounds that are more concerned with ferocity and feel than fidelity (see visceral releases from artists like Day Creeper, Bloody Show and DANA). And if you're recording on the cheap, you might as well eat the same way. Here are some favored budget dining options from performers.

The Pink Owl

“At the Dube, you can get a lentil soup, curly fries, beer and a handful of Dwight Yoakam songs on the jukebox for less than $10.”

Jah Nada, Bloody Show

“Pierogi Mountain is the best place for all your friends — vegan, vegetarian or otherwise — who aren't too afraid of eating at a dive bar.”

Madeline Jackson, DANA

“I'd give Al-Tubasee Street [food truck] on East Hudson and North High my highest recommendation. [Yaser Al-Mubaslat] puts a lot of love in that food, and you could live off a single order of his hummus or baba for a few days.”

Gary Danielius, Heel Turn Records

“The most creative meatless options in town come every week from Pierogi Mountain in Cafe Bourbon Street. Get at least one of every variety and conduct your own taste test.”


“Slim Jims and cracking a cold one with the boys via 14-0 during the Used Kids show.”