From funky, colored hair to ice cream

Megan Owdom-Weitz of Megan Lee Designs recently relocated from Chicago to Westerville. This is also the location of Megan Lee Designs' new shop and studio. Megangrew up in Clintonville and runs the design and screen-printing business with her husband, Erik. Their goods can be found online at, at craft shows and in over 80 boutiques across the United States. The grand opening festivities are open to the public, starting with a ribbon cutting at 11 a.m. on Friday, April 14, and continuing through Saturday, April 15. Here are some of Owdom-Weitz's favorite things:

Funky hair/hair color

Life is too short to have the same hairstyle, so mine is constantly changing. It's been pretty much every color of the rainbow, and, while almost always short, it still hardly ever has the same look for more than a few months. I can always remember life events based on what my hair looked like —my hair was purple when I had my son, Ivan. I'm still looking for a stylist, so I've recently gone the college route of DIY hair, using Pinterest for tips and ideas. Long story short, hair grows back, so live it up!

Olympic Weightlifting/Crossfit

I discovered Crossfit over five years ago and became hooked pretty quickly. I was on lots of sports team as a kid and really missed that camaraderie. Crossfit became my new obsession and I finally looked forward to working out. I learned more about Olympic lifting and love the feeling when I finally get a lift right. It's one of those sports you can always improve upon, so you never get bored.

Ice Cream

Ice cream has always been my favorite dessert and the best options are readily available in Westerville/Columbus. My parents live right by Jeni's in Clintonville, and both Whit's and Graeter's are right down the street from our new shop, which is dangerous. I'm also pretty intoHalo Top, so I can still eat (lots of) ice cream while trying to fit in my jeans, post-baby.

The Library

I will never understand why every single person doesn't constantly use the library. We visit the Westerville Public Library numerous times a week for the kids to play, participate in story time and peruse the aisles for something new to read. Erik also uses it tokeep us stocked in quality television, music and movies.