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Bush League All-Stars at Rumba Cafe

A quick history lesson: In the early ’90s, two sets of brothers — singer/guitarist Dan Spurgeon, guitarist Mark Spurgeon, bassist Steve McGann and drummer Pat McGann — set up Marshall stacks (on stacks) and assaulted High Street with deafening rock shows as Greenhorn. The foursome was more classic-rock than punk, but the attitude of the latter infused the former, creating loud and quintessentially Midwestern hard rock. Greenhorn didn’t last, but Dan Spurgeon later formed Bush League All-Stars, a band that retains some of the best parts of Greenhorn (big guitars) and adds keys and other subtle flourishes to its still-no-frills sound.

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‘Before Next There is Now’ MFA Exhibition at CCAD Beeler Gallery

“Before Next There Is Now: 2017 New Projects MFA Thesis Exhibition” at CCAD is rife with works of significance — in size, scope and concept. The projects constitute the second year of the two-year graduate program at CCAD that includes students from a variety of disciplines. The result of this process is work that, rather than provide encapsulated summaries of young careers, evinces creative minds offered the opportunity to take on a new endeavor in inventive and imaginative ways. Installed throughout CCAD’s Beeler Gallery, the pieces would be beautiful, eye-catching and appealing as solely aesthetic creations. But, of course, the pieces don’t get made without the desire for experimentation and investigation, the compulsion to communicate and connect, and the drive to explore not only art and making, but, through that, the human condition.

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Local DIY trio Pretty Pretty at Used Kids Records

Evan Wolff and Larry TV employ a DIY, work-with-what-you-got ethic when it comes to their band, Pretty Pretty. While recording demos, that practical, utilitarian philosophy led them to the Muppet Babies. It’s a Muppet Babies keyboard, actually — a baby blue, 1987 Casio featuring a baby Kermit the Frog, star-shaped buttons and preset beats labeled “rock 1,” “rock 2,” “samba,” “bossa nova” and more. Instead of a drum machine, Pretty Pretty used the Muppet Babies keyboard to hold down the rhythm section on most of songs featured on the band’s new cassette tape, Demos II, out soon on Superdreamer Records.

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