The brains behind the Beach Boys brings the final 'Pet Sounds' tour to town

Pet Sounds is the album when Brian Wilson went from singing Beach Boys ditties about surfer girls and deuce coupes to more revealing songs that found him wrestling with crushing loneliness and feeling like a fish out of water. Even his love songs took on a new complexity and honesty.

As he pushed himself lyrically, Wilson incorporated sounds that had never been used in pop/rock music previously, setting bicycle bells and animal noises and symphonic instruments alongside layered harmonies that were intricate even for the Beach Boys. And it all worked. Hits like “God Only Knows” and “Wouldn't it Be Nice” tower over most popular songs from the '60s. There's a reason Pet Sounds is still considered Wilson's crowning achievement and the bar all other concept albums are measured against.

This is Wilson's “final” Pet Sounds tour, and at 74, his vocal performances from the past few years get mixed reviews. But he surrounds himself with enough talented players, including original Beach Boy (and Lima native) Al Jardine, that if you're OK with some sidemen taking the lead for a chunk of the show, you probably won't walk away disappointed. (Safe bet)