Paradise Garage's Emily Monnig passionate about bikes, baker and more

The community-driven energy that shapes a small business, especially a bike shop, is what keeps Emily Monnig passionate about what she does. Emily and her husband, Dan, have co-owned Paradise Garage Bicycles in the Short North since 2008, sponsoring two cycling teams (PG Racing and Lady Gnar Shredders), working with Yay Bikes! (for which Emily serves as Board President) and hosting in-shop events and parties that bring the cycling world together with other interests.

Their favorite and most exciting event of the year is the annual Pinchflat Bike Poster Show, bringing together the arts and cycling communities with two shows on Saturday, May 6. Here are a few more things Emily loves.

Pinchflat Poster Show

The walls in my home would be very lonely without my assortment of Pinchflat posters from the past six years. I have a collection of them and switch them out when I feel like changing things up. At $30 each, it's hard for me to resist. I'm also pumped for the party that this event will bring to our shop again this weekend with live music, a raffle bike and art, art, art!

Bike the Cbus

This is hands-down my favorite way to get to know Columbus. I am amazed every year to find new places and see neighborhoods and streets in a whole new way. Even if I've driven through a neighborhood before, riding through on my bike is a totally different experience that has endeared me to areas that I never would have known previously.

The Angry Baker

I would choose one favorite dish, but there are many I love. We regularly eat here and, to be honest, even though my 2-year old and I will devour a BBQ Bowl together, it's really those lovely little vegan doughnuts that we're after.

Franklin Park Conservatory

I have mom passes to visit all the toddler-loving places, but my girl really loves the conservatory and so do I. There are times when I really miss living in Arizona, and visiting FPC's desert room allows me to transport back for a moment. They do a great job with family activities, and I cannot wait for the new children's garden to open next spring!

Stuart's Opera House

I love a road trip to see live shows in this venue. The last one was Lucinda Williams, and like every other show I've seen there, it was both intimate and mighty. My next trip down will be outdoors for June's Nelsonville Music Festival.